Any wardrobe tips for RVing?

Minimizing our clothes was a challenge because we weren’t sure what we would need for our RV Journey.  At some point we may make a video on RV wardrobe tips but until then, here are a few things to keep in mind.

First, do NOT get rid of your winter jacket. We all set out with the idea that we’ll chase 70 degrees, but it just doesn’t happen that way all the time. But the difference is that you need 1. And the 1 winter jacket you keep, should match with everything.

Next, I got rid of stuff that didn’t match. Outfits that are missing an item to be complete wont work. There’s not enough room for outfits like that because you want everything in your wardrobe to be friends. I think the term for this is “capsule wardrobe,” meaning that all the pieces can mix and match together.

Along those lines, be sure to keep clothes for all seasons. We’ve gone to the hot tub in winter and been cold in the summer. So layers are your friends!

Another strange thing that we did was buy multiples of the same items. I found a racerback tank that fit right and bought sets in different colors. That way I’m wearing different color clothes but they’re all the same cut and fit.

You can check out my go to tank top here:

And if all else fails, do what John does and buy 5 of the same shirt. Einstein did that to avoid wasting time making decisions… no wonder he was a genius… 🙂

I didn’t get rid of all of my nice clothes, but I did narrow down most of my fancy outfits. I looked at these three things when deciding which clothes to eliminate from my minimalist wardrobe:
-If I haven’t worn it in a year, I got rid of it.
-If it’s something I’m keeping because, “I’ll wear this when I lose 5 pounds…” I got rid of it because when that happens, I’m treating myself to NEW clothes.
-If it’s an “incomplete” or “incompatible” item that doesn’t match my wardrobe, I eliminated it.

Finally, speaking of new clothes, you will notice the outfits you have will wear out more quickly. So the bright side is that you’ll get to buy more clothes soon.