Interested in Working with Us?

The RV Odd Couple offers product reviews. If you feel your product, website, or services align with the RV Odd Couple’s mission and you’re interested in working with us, please download our RV Odd Couple Media Kit 3.29.23 (1)

Product Review Policy

The following is our policy for reviewing products.  

  1. RV Odd Couple serves their viewers first and foremost.    
  2. Under no circumstances will we allow a brand to tell us what we can/cannot say.
  3. We only discuss products that we have personal experience with.  
  4. We only review products that are a good fit for our subscriber base.
  5. Receipt of product does not guarantee a review.  
  6. Once a product is received, the brand understands that it will take time to properly test the product in order to provide an honest review.
  7. If issues arise we will allow the brand an opportunity to fix the issue.  If the issue cannot be corrected, the brand can opt out.

We’re excited to build relationships with quality brands that prioritize service. You can and inquire by email to

For statistics and demographics, download our RV Odd Couple Media Kit 3.29.23 (1)