NO Campsites Left 2021! Top 10 Tips For Camping & RV Living Crisis

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There are not enough campsites to keep up with the demand of so many new RVs flooding the market. And you must make sure you have your RV Park Reservations in order. But it’s hard to book sites with so much competition in campgrounds. So the RV Odd Couple are sharing their RV Top 10 tips to get a reservation at a campground in 2021.

Along with sharing tips for getting a campsite, the RV Odd Couple share the best RV Memberships clubs and how to get the best deal on campground memberships.

This video shares how to get into the Best RV parks, how to find the Best camping spots & how to find boon docking sites when you can’t get hookups! If you’re considering the full time RV Lifestyle, this is for you.

-What RVers Should Expect in 2021
News Article here:
-When to Book your RV Site
-The Truth about RV Cancelations
-Why you should look at Long term Camping sites
-Best days of the week to camp
-What you need to know about the Passport America RV Club
-Zone Pass
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-Who Should NOT Upgraded their 1000 Trails Membership
-How to get the best deal on Coast to Coast
1-800-272-0401 (Mention RV Odd Couple for Best rate!)
-When you can’t find a place to Stay
-When to use Harvest Host RV Camping
-Best Apps for RV Traveling
-How To Get 1st Dibs on Cancelations (Campnab review)

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