Passport America Membership Review

Check out our Passport America membership review including Passport America membership cost, discounts, Tips & Tricks to using Passport America, and membership features.

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What is Passport America?

Passport America is a discount camping club.  You join for $44/year and  your Passport America Membership entitles you to 50% off the regular nightly rate at over 1,800 RV Parks all over North America!  Asside from the $44/ per year, there are no other Passport Amerca membership fees or dues.

Why do RV Parks offer a Passport America Discount?

Believe it or not, it actually benefits RV parks to be part of the Passport America System.  They get to be included in a huge directory of campgrounds.  In turn, they hope that you will be so happy with that park that you will prolong your stay and come back.

Remember, Highway and billboard advertising is expensive.  So being part of the Passport America online directory and the annual booklet is a great marketing tool for these RV Parks. 

How do I join Passport America?

Joining is easy,  Check out this link. Still not convinced?  Read below.  It makes tons of sense!

Benefits to a Passport America Membership

-50% Off The regular Nightly Rate

-List of Campgrounds all over North America

-Passport America Camping Directory

Tips and Tricks to getting the most of your Passport America Discount

1-Make sure your info is up to date

You can check online using the Passport America directory or get an updated book (for a small fee).  They print out a new booklet every Janury.

2-Read the fine print

Every park is different!  Some allow you to use the membership every day of the year and others have restrictions.  

3-Call the Park and schedule with them directly

Passport America doesn’t have an online reservation system.  To book a stay using your Passport America Discount, call the park directly and show them your membership card when you check-in. 

4-Use the Trip Planner App

Passport America has a Trip Planning App.  It works on Apple and Android phones, or you can go online.  You type in your destination and any criteria, and it maps out parks along the way!  And the best part about this feature is you can use it regardless of whether you are a member or not!

Ok, I get it.  How do I join Passport America again?

Joining is easy,  Check out this link. 

What Are Passport America RV Parks like?

Parks in the Passport America discount camping club range from luxurious RV Resorts to simple RV Parks.  Some places are very nice and some are not as high-end.  But lets be real, when traveling long distances and looking for a spot for the night, any Passport America RV park will do. 

Passport America Membership Review

So would we recommend Passport America?  Absolutely! 

There are some rv memberships that cost hundreds or thousands!  And those memberships, such as Thousand Trails, are great for full time rvers.  But the Passport America Discount Membership is great because it saves you money whether you are a full-timer or a weekend warrior!  

The Passport america membership cost is minimal, only $44.  If you just camp 3 nights a year it more than pays for itself! 

For us, joining the Passport America RV club was a no brainer!

If you’re already a member, please share your Passport Ameirca rv club reviews so our “Odd Squad” can get your take!

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