If you plan to visit the Florida RV Supershow, you should know it’s the largest RV show of its kind!  With more than 74,000 people attending in 2019, there’s a few things you should know when visiting the Tampa RV Supershow.

Located in Tampa Florida, the RV Supershow spans over 25 acres wide.  In 2020 the event is open to the public from Wednesday January 15, 2020 to Sunday January 19th, 2020.  Due to the massive size of the RV Show, the following are a few tips when planning a trip to an RV Show.


RV Show Tip #1: Have a Plan!

The best thing to do when visiting the RV Supershow into make sure that you have a plan.  Take the time to research the general information, days and times.  Featuring thousands of RV’s, this show is massive- and a little research goes along way!  Find all the details here.

Consider arriving early.  We arrived the day before Industry Day, and it was still a little stressful.

RV Show Tip #2: Save on Tickets!

You should really consider buying your tickets in advance to save!  You can buy your tickets here! Children 16 and under get in free!  Seniors enjoy a discount on Wednesday.  First Responders and Veterans enjoy a discount all week long.  Many don’t know this but you can pick up a 2nd day return voucher when your ticket is scanned. That’s 2 days for the price of 1!

RV Show Tip #3: Consider Staying Close… or better, At the Fairgrounds!

The Florida RV Show is so big, that you need to have a plan of where to stay and what to see.  If you’re staying at the event, you will need to know the exact entrance to camp at because you don’t want to drive a huge RV in the wrong entrance!

The campground on the fairground fills up fast, as does surrounding hotels.  So make your lodging arrangements as early as possible!  We stayed on the fairgrounds.  It cost us $50 per night for 50 AMP.  30 AMP was $40 per night.

Parking your car is $8 per day. If you don’t mind boondocking, you can camp in the parking lot!  Parking your RV is $14 per night.

RV Show Tip #4: Do your Research

It’s impossible to see everything that the Tampa RV Supershow has to offer. So we recommend you visit your priorities first.  (Especially if you have a brand or floor plan in mind, make sure you see that first before the million dollar diesel pushers distract you from your purpose!)

The easiest way to do this is download the map ahead of time.  We’ve linked to the Map here. That way you can make a plan!

And don’t forget the seminars.  We’ve linked to the Seminar Schedule here.  

RV Show Tips Florida RV Supershow
RV Show Tips Florida RV Supershow

RV Show Tip #5: Bring the Dog

Well behaved dogs on leashes are allowed at the Tampa RV Supershow.  Sorry, no goats, tortoise, or fish are permitted.  But don’t forget the poop bags to clean up after your dog.

RV Show Tip #6: Stay Hydrated & Bring Snacks

The Florida RV Supershow is so big it can be exhausting!  Much of the event is outside in the Florida Sunshine.  Be sure to bring lots of water to keep hydrated. Don’t forget the sunscreen and maybe a hat. You should also consider bringing snacks.  They have plenty of carnival food, but if your budget or waistline are on a diet, bring a sack lunch.

RV Show Tip #7: Avoid Peak times

If huge crowds of people make you uncomfortable, consider visiting during mornings and weekdays.  It will be much be less crowded.   The Florida Supershow is open to the public Wednesday to Saturday, 9AM to 6PM and Sunday 9AM to 5PM.

RV Show Tip #8: Don’t forget the Vendors and bring Cash

The Florida RV Supershow is so big, it’s easy to overlook the hundreds of vendors.  Don’t make that mistake!  Vendors range from RV products, RV memberships,  camping gear, toys for kids, and carnival food!  Many of the vendors have show specials, so if you’re in the market for RV gear, consider stocking up at the Supershow.

Not all vendors accept credit.  Consider bringing cash to ensure you can take advantage of the Show Specials… and the funnel cake!  🙂

RV Show Tips Florida RV Supershow

RV Show Tip #9: Be Prepared to walk Thousands of Miles

Ok, maybe it’s not quite thousands of miles, but it’s enough walking to make comfortable shoes and clothes a must!  Remember, much of the event is outside, so research the weather.  Luckily most of the RV’s are connected to power, so you may find yourself taking a break inside an air-conditioned coach.

If you need a wheelchair, they are available for rent at the event for a fee.  If you have small children, don’t forget the stroller!

RV Show Tip #10: Take Notes, Photos, and Video

If you attend the FL RV Supershow, you will see so many RV’s that they may start to blend together.  To avoid this, bring a notepad, pen, and camera  (smartphone).

If you do this, make sure you write the brand and model number.  (Usually you can find a sticker by the entrance.) This way you can make notes of each RV to jog your memory.  Just don’t forget to charge your phone.  You may even want to bring a portable charger!

Why are we sharing our RV Show Tips?

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