7 Van Kitchen Tips


RVWondering How to save Space in a Tiny kitchen? Maximize the space in your Van Kitchen with these 7 RV Kitchen Tips. These space-saving gadgets will help you make the most of your Tiny Kitchen! If we haven’t already met: We’re John & Mercedes, the RV Odd Couple. We sold our house & most of […]

RV Kitchen Gadget: INSINK 4-1 (RV Product Review)

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RV Travel Day Tips – RV Inside Preparations

RV Inside Preparations

When living in an RV Full Time, RV inside preparations for the Travel day is essential to keep your home intact and family safe. These are our easy tips to prepare for RV travel that will keep you safe and reduce the stress! Hi, we’re the RV Odd Couple. We sold our house & most all […]

What should I buy for my RV?

What should I buy for my RV? www.RVOddCouple.com

Wondering what Gear you need to Full-time RV? We made a video that shares our RV Newbie Must Haves and their favorite Glamping Essentials. When you RV Fulltime, you want comfort, security, and to make memories. This list of RVing full-time gear is designed to make the road feel more like home! You can watch […]

What can I use to clean my RV?

clean my RV www.RVOddCouple.com

We’re pretty particular with the detergents that we use in our RV. We don’t trust chemicals, but John’s a germaphobe. We also like supporting small businesses, so we recommend Red’s Gone Green. They smell AMAZING, you can actually read all the ingredients, and your RV will feel clean. https://www.redsgonegreen.com The only downside we’ve found is […]

What should I put in my RV Kitchen?

What should I put in my RV Kitchen? www.RVOddCouple.com

RV Kitchens are tiny!  As a full time RVer we have to maximize all of the space in our kitchen. But Van kitchens are even smaller! So when we rented a Van and noticed these space-saving kitchen ideas, we had to share!  These tiny kitchen organization ideas will help you make the most of your […]