RV Newbie Must-Haves (& Glamping Essentials)

RV Must Haves & Glamping Essentials www.RVOddCouple.com

We get asked all of the time, what are RV Newbie Must Haves?  This article shares our RV Newbie necessities and our favorite Glamping Essentials.  When you RV Full-time, you want comfort, security, and memories.  This list of RVing full-time gear is designed to make the road feel more like home!   This list of RV Must […]

RV Tools List A-Z

RV Tools A-Z www.RVOddcouple.com

After repeated requests for a list of RV tools list, we tried our best to get the most comprehensive and detailed list of tools that you may need while RVing. Now if you watch the video above, it will become crystal clear that John is officially a “tool-o-holic”. But the first step is admitting you […]

What Tools do I need to take with me when I RV?

What Tools do I need to take with me when I RV? www.RVOddCouple.com

One of the biggest challenges that John had when preparing to RV was picking the right tools.  He wanted to make sure he had everything that he needed in case we ran into trouble. Deciding which tools to bring was tricky because tools are heavy but you may not be near a store when something […]