RV Black Tank- Flush, Sensors, Hose, & Smell (Fulltime RV Living)

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RV Water- Is It Safe?

RV Odd Couple RV Water

Is you RV water safe to drink?  We’re discuss the ugly Truth about RV water filtration! First were going to discuss why water filtration is so important.  Then we’re going to share about what we learned about how to treat RV water and the pros and cons of each water treatment option.  Finally, we’re going […]

What is the best water filter for an RV?

What is the best water filter for an RV? wwwRVOddCouple.com

We never really considered the importance of getting an RV water filter when we started RVing.  But after we heard that an RV Odd Squad member contracted a waterborne illness from brushing her teeth with RV drinking Water, we became concerned with the safety of our RV drinking water. After testing multiple water filtration systems, […]