Should I get a “new” or a “used” (resale) Thousand Trails membership?

Deciding on the right Thousand Trails membership can be confusing. There are so many options. Now we decided to get a new membership, but the bottom line is: What is your budget?

It pains us to admit this, but after using Thousand Trails for years, looking back at how we use our Thousand Trails membership. we probably should have opted with a resale membership. And if you can buy your Thousand Trails membership for cash, you might consider a resale. Resale memberships, (sometimes we call them “used”) are half the cost of a new memberships but you usually cannot resell them again later.

New memberships cost about twice as much as resell, but you can sell them and get half of your money back. So in the end it’s kinda a wash!

But getting a used (or resale) membership is confusing. So the only resale company that works directly with Thousand Trails is Campground Membership Outlet. Contact Kim or Chad by phone 1-800-272-0401 or email them at and mention RVOdd Couple for the best deal! (again, they actually RV!) .

Now New memberships have their perks too! TT will throw in bonuses and you can finance your Thousand Trails membership if you go directy through 1000 trails. But again, you need to make sure you talk to the right people to avoid additional fees. If you are looking to finance call Jim & Brandy, they work for TT. We only trust and recommend Jim and Brandy Reneau by phone 770-622-4188 or email them at and mention RVOdd Couple. (They are actually RVers that stay in the park)

We actually made a video that details whether we should get a new or resale TT membership based on what we know now.  You can link to that here:

Should I get a “new” or a “used” (resale) Thousand Trails membership?
Should I get a “new” or a “used” (resale) Thousand Trails membership?

Again, here are our trusted resources.  If you get your Thousand Trails membership anywhere else, you’re on your own!

🌲 Thousand Trails Resale Membership: Kim 1-800-272-0401 or (Plz mention RV Odd Couple)
🌲 Thousand Trails New Memberships: Jim & Brandy 770-622-4188 or (Plz mention RV Odd Couple)