Should I get a Zone Pass or an Upgraded Thousand Trails Membership?

If you’re on the fence about investing in a Thousand Trails Campground membership, we recommend trying out a Zone Pass.

While Zone passes have more limits on the nights that you can stay, and you can only book reservations 60 days in advance, they offer you an opportunity to test out the Thousand Trails system without investing thousands of dollars!

The only people that we recommend are Jim and Brandy Reneau. They are RVers that work directly for TT. We recommend them because they are RVers themselves, they’ve actually stayed in the parks, and they can get you the best price.

🌲 Thousand Trails New Memberships: Jim & Brandy 770-622-4188 or (Plz mention RV Odd Couple)

If you get your Zone pass through anyone other than Jim and Brandy, you’re on your own!