Why do you recommend Thousand Trails?

Depending on your situation Thousand Trails can save you a ton of money RVing. But it depends…  You have to use it!

With Thousand Trails we were able to get our camping costs down to about $10 per month!  If you’re a full time RVer, a Thousand Trails membership is a no brainer! The more you use it the more you save.

Now, Thousand Trails memberships are a little confusing. So we’ve created a blog article and a video that explain them in greater detail.

Thousand Trails www.RVOddCouple.com
Thousand Trails www.RVOddCouple.com

But it’s really important that you talk to the right people about a Thousand Trails membership. If you go through anyone else, you’re on your own!  We’ll link to the only people we trust below:

🌲 Thousand Trails Resale Membership: Kim 1-800-272-0401 or
kimberly@membershipoutlet.com (Plz mention RV Odd Couple)
🌲 Thousand Trails New Memberships: Jim & Brandy 770-622-4188 or
brandy_reneau@equitylifestyle.com (Plz mention RV Odd Couple)