5 RV Campground Memberships we Use & Don’t Use for Full-time RV Life

How do you save money on camping? www.RVOddCouple.com

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Passport America Membership Review

Passport America www.RVOddCouple.com

Check out our Passport America membership review including Passport America membership cost, discounts, Tips & Tricks to using Passport America, and membership features. Hi, We’re the RV Odd Couple. We sold our house & most all possessions to hit the road and live in an RV full-time with our toddler and dog.  For your convenience, […]

How do you save money on camping?

How do you save money on camping? www.RVOddCouple.com

As a Full time RVer, campground memberships save you a lot of money!  But some RV Membership clubs are expensive, while others aren’t worth the discount. We reviewed 5 different RV park memberships and discussed their pros and cons.  We created a video that discusses the RV campground membership options. Check out that video here: Be […]

Why do you recommend Passport America?

Why do you recommend Passport America? www.RVOddCouple.com

Passport America is awesome because it’s 50% off camping and less than $50 per year. Passport America pays for itself in 2 days!  But, you have to read the fine print… Every park is different. Sometimes the park will only allow you to use the discount for a few nights. So you have to read […]