Why We Sold Everything to RV Fulltime

Hi, we’re the RV Odd Couple. Long story short, we sold our house & most of our possessions to hit the road and live in an RV full-time with our toddler & dog. Oh, and we couldn’t be more different! We’ve decided to share our reasons for taking the plunge to RV full time.

We decided to share the most helpful things that we’ve learned to help other potential full-time RV’ers. We wanted to share with you an honest account of why we decided to go on this crazy adventure in the first place.

Setting the stage:

It’s 4 AM. My child and husband are sleeping. My mind is racing and I cannot sit still. I’m confronted with the reality that after almost a year of considering, researching, planning, changing our minds, and planning again, our family is going tiny and moving into an RV full time! I am thrilled and terrified all at the same time.

The process of deciding to live in an RV full-time was a winding journey. We went from tiny houses to class A’s to travel trailers, to class B’s to class C’s and we finally stumbled upon a Forest River Sandpiper 5th wheel. The main reason we selected the 5th wheel was that it was safer than a travel trailer, cheaper than a class A, my husband would have a truck for work, and I’d have more storage than with a class A or B. More on selecting the perfect RV here. 

But I think the most important discussion was whether or not to go RV living full time. We had so much to consider and at first glance, the list of preparations needed seemed a mile long. How can I afford RV living full-time? How do we minimize our possessions? What do we do with stuff we can’t get rid of?

I have to credit my husband for the bravery. I’m not a risk taker (well, I guess I am now.) but, usually, I make the safe choices. So why did we decided to go RV living? Well, we really are the RV Odd couple because after a lot of soul searching, we found out that we wanted this lifestyle for some totally different reasons to RV full time:


Reason to RV Full Time #1

Johnny:  Adventure

This is the #1 reason to RV full time for my husband, who craved adventure. He had always wanted to hit the road like this. Our toddler was born on his 50th birthday and his first three kids are all adults. He has a remarkable opportunity to apply the lessons of raising his first three kids with our youngest. One of the things he wishes he had done more of is go on adventures with the kids. He’s always wanted to travel and be free to visit any place he wanted to go. With hindsight in front of mind, Johnny’ wanted to see the country.

Mercedes: Freedom

This is my #1 reason to RV full time I craved freedom. Deep within I knew that I wasn’t living. I was spending my life inside my home comforted by TV and food. I needed freedom of movement. I needed to shake up every aspect of my life- physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially. It was as though roots were forming at my feet, keeping me stuck in one place. I was living but I didn’t feel alive. I knew RV living full-time wouldn’t be easy but it would break me out of my routine and provide me with freedom from my stuckness.


Reason to RV Full Time #2

Johnny:  Water!

Johnny needed water bad! Summer in FL was always hot but it was made bearable by the beach. For the first time, we couldn’t use our beach passes or boat because of the red tide and algae bloom. Pollution from sugar refining, plant fertilizer, weed-killer, and who knows what other pollution was messing with the PH of the water and destroying the Gulf of Mexico and killing the wildlife. The fish, sharks, dolphins, and manatees were essentially swimming in poison and turning up dead on the shore. This was devastating to watch. We never imagined we would see this in our lifetimes. Johnny was missing water terribly.

Mercedes: Reduce our Carbon Footprint

The Red tide didn’t just make FL living unbearable, it taught me the importance of minimizing our carbon footprint. Whether you call it climate change, global warming, or just pollution, it didn’t really matter to me because the dead manatees floating in the beach made it clear that I had to do my part to reduce my negative impact on this planet. I could no longer participate in this single-use, disposable, toxic, unrelenting consumption, throw away and buy another mentality. I couldn’t control what other people did, but I had a responsibility to change what I did.  


Reason to RV Full Time #3:  The Timing was Right

Perfect timing is another reason to RV full time. While we had discussed tiny living for a while now, the circumstances had never quite lined up as they did now. First, we had to sell our home, which gave us savings. Next, we leased a home short term. Renting short term gave us plenty of time to prepare and gave us an actual date/timeline. We had to figure out what we were going to do by a set time. Also, the rental was smaller. This helped us downsize substantially.

Third, it was summer in FL, the slowest point in RV season – dealers had to make room for the following year’s models. The timing was perfect to buy new at used prices. Finally, our daughter was only 2 so we had time before deciding on her schooling. (homeschool vs. public school, etc.) Although that also provided difficulty in itself as it meant we would be full-time RVing with a toddler.

Sure there were things that were off, but the timing was as close to perfect as it was going to get. And if we waited until everything was perfect, it was never going to happen.


Reason to RV Full Time #4: Family

We missed the family horribly. I’m originally from Colorado. When I moved to FL, I didn’t realize how much we’d miss Colorado. Although we couldn’t live in CO full-time due to the winter, we knew we needed a way to get back. Rent and home prices had skyrocketed since the legalization of pot and we couldn’t justify renting or buying at these prices. We needed a place to call home that wouldn’t tie us down.

Johnny’s originally from Massachusetts and we loved visiting the east coast. RV fulltime gave us the opportunity to visit both of our families on a regular basis.


Why are we sharing our reasons to RV full time? 

Many people freely shared with us valuable information and insights to help us in this journey. Our hope is to do the same and pay it forward. We are sharing  embarrassing mistakes,   tips and tricks that have saved us money,  and everything along the way!

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Johnny, Mercedes, Sage & Skippy

The RV Odd Couple