Viair 40047 RV Tire Inflator – Product Review

Look no further for the best portable air compressor for safe and affordable RV living, as we have reviewed Viair 40047 RV tire inflator for you.


Hi, we’re the RV Odd Couple. Long story short, we sold our house & most all of our possessions to hit the road and live in an RV full-time with our toddler & dog. Oh, and we couldn’t be more different!

We decided to share the most helpful things that we’ve learned to help other potential full-time RV’ers.  If we recommend a RV product, it is because we have used it and want to share it with the world.  For your convenience, there are affiliate links to the product we own ourselves in this post. This means if you purchase after checking the link we would get a small commission. Your purchase will not cost you a penny more and can help us maintain our blog. So here is what we love about the Viair 40047 portable air compressor.

Why do we need a portable air compressor when living in an RV full time?

When we decided to RV full time with our child, we knew that safety was a top priority. We did research on safe RVs from construction, chassis, and weight load max capacity.

But surprisingly none of the construction matters if the tires are not maintained and properly filled. Tire-blowouts are the #1 reason for accidents in RVs. And it’s not enough to check the air pressure and monitor the temperature. When the tires need more or less air, you can’t just swing into the closest gas station when you have a big fifth wheel as we do. The safest thing for our family full-time RVing is to have our own portable air compressor so we can fill the tires whenever and wherever we need.

But space is limited in an RV, so a standard air compressor is not optimal. This is a list of the reasons why we choose the Viair 40047 RV tire inflator.

viair 40047 rv tire inflator

1. The Viair 40047 RV Tire Inflator is Small, Lightweight & Powerful

As a full-time RV’ing family, all of our possessions are in our rig. Safety is non-negotiable, but the standard air compressor takes up 2 or three times as much room without even considering the accessories. This Viair portable air compressor only occupies 2.3CFM. This is tiny!

Also, the unit with accessories weights less than 19lbs! The average air compressor weighs at least twice that. With weight constraints during RV travel, every pound saved keeps us more safe while on the road!

Most importantly, despite its small size, the Viair 40047 RV tire inflator packs a punch. This small unit will inflate tire sizes up to 275/80/22.5. Although the reviews say it has 150PSI Max Pressure, the manufacturer lists 160PSI Max Pressure on the box. Most portable air compressors only go up to 90PSI, making the Viair 40047 the best bang for the buck!

2. The Viair 40047 RV Tire Inflator Includes Accessories

The Viair 40047 RV tire inflator that we link to here in this article comes with all the accessories you’ll need. No additional purchases required! Of all of the accessories this unit comes with, our favorites are the following:

  • 60’ Coil Hose (2- 30’ coils=adjustable, compact & easy to store)

The 60’ hose is the perfect length for Fifth-wheels, travel trailers, & motorhomes. By using a coiled hose instead of a regular one, the unit & accessories store more compact. Also, if 60’ is too long, RVers with smaller rigs can just use one of the 2 30’ hoses, making this unit super convenient and versatile.

  • 45º Extended Reach & 90º Twist on Tire Chucks (works on all tires)

Dually? No problem! The 45º Extended Reach tire chuck makes filling those interiors, hard to reach, tires easy. Having two different types of tire chucks makes this unit versatile for your individual tire filling needs.

  • Gas Station-Style Tire inflation gun & gauge

I can’t stand it when you buy a big piece of machinery at a reasonable price but end up spending just as much, if not more, on the accessories. This Viair portable air compressor comes with the tire inflation gun and gauge. This way, I don’t need to buy anything extra and I know the tire’s PSI.

  • Vibration-Resistant Diamond-Plate Sand Tray
  • Heat Shielded Quick Connect Coupling
  • Heavy Duty Dual Battery Clamps with Inline Fuse
  • Power Cord Length: 8 ft.


3. The Viair 40047 RV Tire Inflator is Functional, especially for RVers!

  • Deluxe Carry bag

Sometimes kits that include carrying bags skimp on the quality of the bag. Not here! This bag is actually a good quality bag that can withstand the bumps and bangs of RV travel. The pockets are strong and convenient too. This doesn’t just look functional, it actually is functional!

  • Automatic Shut-Off function

The Viair 40047 RV tire inflator is automatic too. This Viair portable air compressor is the first compressor with an Automatic shut-off function. Typically you would have to turn off the compressor when moving from tire to tire and checking the pressure during a fill. This is very inconvenient, especially if you are not close to the compressor. Since RVs are so long, and the unit needs a break after 40 minutes of running, the automatic shut-off is a huge bonus, saving you time and energy!

viair 40047 rv tire inflator

How to get my Viair 40047 portable air compressor

We’ve included an Amazon link here with the Viair 40047 RV tire inflator we used. Amazon has a sweet comparison chart that compares the Viair to similar models and products.

If you end up getting a Viair for yourself, let us know. If you have another portable air compressor, we’d love to find out what you got and how it’s working for you!

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