Should I choose a 5th Wheel or a Travel Trailer?

Choosing between a 5th wheel RV or a travel trailer camper is a tricky choice! Now be sure to do your own research. What I’m about to share is our experience but we are not engineering experts!

We choose a 5th wheel because we wanted a bigger RV and we wanted the RV to be more secure. We picked a 5th wheel because it gave us 2 bedrooms (we have a 3 year old) and it feels like a home. Also, fifth wheels are less likely to jackknife or give you the “death wobble” because the weight of the RV is directly on the axle instead of behind the truck.

But there are also downsides to a fifth wheel. For example, I think (operative word is think) that typically a 5th wheel and the truck that can tow the 5th wheel tends to cost more. But this depends on the size & age. 🙂

So we created a video that covers important questions when picking the right RV.  If you’re debating between buying a 5th wheel and a travel trailer, check out our RV Newbie buying guide here

RV Newbie Buying Guide
RV Newbie Buying Guide