What Manufacturer should I choose when RV Shopping?

We’re pretty partial to our friends at Forest River RV because we’ve been so happy with our RV.  So far we’ve been able to test Forest River RVs (2 Sandpiper 5th Wheels) and Winnebago RVs (the Travato Van & a Minnie Winnie).  We’re happy to report that we’ve had good experiences so far with all of the RV’s we’ve camped in.

That being said, remember that that RV dealership is who will service your RV long term.  We recommend that you shop an RV dealership just as thoroughly as you shop the manufacturer!

We can’t tell you how many RV horror stories we’ve heard.  Frankly your experience depends on which an RV Manufacturer you choose. Because the Manufacturer has to agree on repairs that the Dealership’s Service Department claims are not yet approved!

So no matter what brand of RV you choose, make sure you choose a reputable RV dealership that can service your RV after the sale!  And to help, we created a video that covers important questions when picking the right RV.  If you’re debating between different RV Manufacturers, check out our RV Newbie buying guide here

RV Newbie Buying Guide www.RVOddCouple.com
RV Newbie Buying Guide www.RVOddCouple.com